Sweat with kayla review of e-book and mobile app

Kayla is a fitness expert who has launched an e-book as well as a mobile app to share the benefits of her years of experience. She has years of experience training customers to remain fit and healthy. Her instructions and training is not to reduce weight as such and involves teaching exercise regime for keeping your body in shape. With her bikini body guide she has given all her customers and fans a superb way to maintain their body structure and get back in shape.

Kayla mobile app reviews

Review and comparison of the e-book and mobile app

Here we are writing Sweat with Kayla review for the e-book as well as the mobile app. The entire review can be found on http://www.bikinibodyguides.com/sweat-with-kayla-itsines-app-review/ website. The review is written by Barbara who is a great fitness freak and who has tried the mobile app as well as the e-book. If you look at the pricing then the e-book of BBG2.0 as well as the mobile app both has the same pricing. But although the app promises new features it is not so. If you are having the e-book then the same would show up in the mobile app too. There is nothing new in the BBG3.0 version and it is same as the old versions only, just recycled content.

One more thing about the app is that you must subscribe the app at the rate of $19.99 and then you can gain access freely to the e-books. But if you unsubscribe or close the subscription then the history of your fitness workout will get completely erased from the mobile app. Also the app subscription promises regular updates for the fitness and nutrition tips but it does not at all provide so. As you download the app it is super easy to download and install it from the iTunes store. Also the mobile app has decent interface.

Sweat with Kayla mobile app reviews is not so good, but if you do not have the access to the original e-book then you can buy it. The advantage of mobile app is that you can access it and carry it easily with you wherever you go without any chance of losing the file.