Gardening tips for growing garlic

Garlic is one of the most important ingredients which are used in the day to day food. Recently, the trend of growing garlic in home is highly increasing. But many people are not aware of the right way of planting and harvesting garlic. If you are one among them, through the following discussion you can learn to grow your own garlic. Some of the best tips for growing garlic are revealed here.


There are many different varieties of garlic. Hence as the first step, one must know about the variety which they are in need of. In case if they are planting it for their personal use, the variety which suits their cooking needs can be chosen. Once if the variety is chosen, the best source should be approached for buying the best quality seeds.

Prepare the soil

As the next thing, the soil should be prepared at its best. Garlic will be in need of sunlight for about 6-7 hours every day. One can choose a well drained garden bed for planting the garlic plants.

learn to grow your own garlic

Prevent weeds

One must never take rest after planting. It is to be noted that the weeds should be properly removed in order to maintain the moisture in the soil. Hence regular cycle should be followed for removing the weeds completely without any constraint.


While considering garlic, harvesting should be done at right time. The maturity time will get varied from one garlic variety to another. Hence based on the variety one must harvest it at right time.