Get the right filament

3D printing is becoming a regular nowadays, it used in almost every industry, especially the medical industry, and the construction industry, creating useable prosthetics, and creating prototypes to see the outcome of the final product. When it comes to printing there are certain material that need to be used. One of them is known as PLA, and you can get PLA filament in Singapore.

What is this?

PLA is a type of polylactic acid, it is used in 3D printing. This material is known as a natural source, because it is derived from materials like cornstarch or sugarcane. This is biodegradable, so it will be more beneficial for the companies that use it. It is known as the “green plastic.” So you can recycle it, and be a green company.

Get the right filament

Where can you find it?

            If you want to find PLA filament Singapore you can get it through different sites. One of the most common ones is But you can get them from sites like amazon, and so on. It might be difficult to find it in stores, but you can find some places like Home Depot. Usually one kilogram would cost $25 everywhere.

What kinds of filaments are there?

            When you are going to buy there are all sorts of types, you don’t have to choose just one. These filaments come in the form of Algae, aluminum, bamboo, birch wood, brass, bronze, carbon fiber, cedar wood, coconut wood, and even coffee and beer. There are much more than this.