How to identify a good rock glass

Every household generally stocks up on glasses in different shapes and sizes, usually gifted by family and friends.

It is essential to know to use the correct glass for the different types of drinks. It is not right to use the same glass to drink whiskey, beer, wine, or a cocktail. Each drink has a distinct character.

A connoisseur of wine doesn’t just know his spirits. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the glasses used for serving them. Similarly, it would not be surprising to see in his possession an array of glassware like unique rock glasses, flute glasses, martini glasses, high=ball glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, pilsner glasses, pint glasses, beer mugs, etc.

Glasses are a collector’s delight. Manufacturers lure bar owners and enthusiasts with added features like special editions and bestsellers.

Check out these unique rock glasses that you could add to your collection:

  • Whiskey Rocks Glasses from KANARs are old fashioned, stylish, lead-free, hand-made crystal glasses using high-grade crystal glasses available in a set of 4 and 6.
  • RED ROCKS Glass with Granite Chilling Stones (set of 4). It is one of the best glasses available online with quality stones that can retain temperature for a long time. The design is pleasant with a massive square bottom. The glass is lead-free and will not change color or become cloudy after use.
  • Whiskey Glasses from MOFADO are uniquely styled hand-blown crystal glasses. These excellently styled lead-free glasses are highly sought after by cocktail lovers. Though they can hold more ice and a larger quantity of drink, they are typically lightweight glasses.