Man with a Plan

What is a business without an executive? And just similarly, what is a studio without an executive? To make it even more specific about what will be talked about in this article, what is a movie studio without an executive? Frankly, it is nothing.


No one will observe and oversee what is happening around the place. Without supervision, things can go awry and who will be there to keep people in check? Not to belittle anyone but there needs to be someone in charge even though it is a team effort, a leader, not a boss, is needed to make things go ‘round.

But what exactly does a studio executive, someone like Ryan Kavanaugh from Warner Bros. Pictures, actually do?

To start off, much like almost every professional job there is, a studio executive must have a college/bachelor’s degree in, more often than not, liberal arts or business administration.

Some work experience, preferably 3-4 years, that has relations with the profession is crucial when it is time for them to give out their resume. That would be no problem for students who attend schools that teach screenwriting and film theory, especially those that offer internships to be able to work in film studios, thus garnering the experience they need and the contacts they may be used to get somewhere.

Man with a Plan

Studio executives are the chief executives in the industry of film, much like the CEO of other businesses. They are the ones who are in charge of the staffing and overall studio operation. This job is can be of interest of those who would rather much work behind-the-scenes and work hard to get up to the top in the film industry.

These executives receive film scripts from agents who are trying to sell their work, and this allows the said executives to bring home as many as 10 scripts (and counting!) to read over the weekend. The next step is when they, the executives, make a decision on which film should move on to the next round with them watching over the film production being financed, produced, publicizes and distributed.

They manage a large staff, one which includes the financial and business manager, accounts and lawyers, as well as other personnel. The executives relay their information to a board of directors and stockholders.

Those who are still in the early stages of the trade began with films for documentaries, business, education, industry, and government, or musical videos before moving up to a more senior level. However, moving up to that level may take a few years, but only if you are a hardworking executive-to-be. After all, just like every profession, where will you go if you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.