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Safety in electrical installations, and thus also in photovoltaic systems. PV systems that are designed, installed, and operated in accordance with generally accepted technical principles are safe and reliable, even in the most adverse weather conditions. However, there may be event scenarios that require additional security devices. For example, in systems that are not monitored regularly and in which modules are installed on a flammable roof or insulation.


An electric arc can only happen if there are serious faults in the safety-relevant components of the PV system, and they are not detected in advance. The reason may be e.g., damage to the DC cable’s double insulation in several places or increased resistance at the contact of the damaged connector.

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Basically, a distinction is made between parallel and serial arches. Series arches are not easy to identify. However, it is best to prevent them or at least minimize them if you follow the guidelines of food waste recycling hk. In the case of so-called parallel arcs, the inverter’s monitoring of DC insulation status already provides significant protection, because by eliminating the first symptoms of insulation errors, in most cases the creation of a parallel arc can be prevented. However, this means that the solar system operator must be particularly sensitive to analyze error messages from the inverter and inform the specialist company.


Measures to prevent electric arcs and the spread of damage are easy to implement at the design and installation stages. The following recommendations are based on the main observable causes of electric arcs in photovoltaic systems.