What’s Melanotan II – Factors to Look Into

Melanotan II is one kind of the injectable peptide that is used primarily to increase the body’s capability to tan. Our skin pigment getting darker is a result of the UV ray exposure. When your skin gets exposed to the ultra violet rays, melanin is made to protect the skin from burning as well as sun damage. Before going further, make sure you check the Melanotan 2 dosage chart.

Tan is like shield of sorts.

Darker you are, stronger will be your shield. Thus, why pale people are highly prone to the skin cancer or burning?

What is the Main Purpose?

skin tanning

Originally Melanotan II was made with a purpose of preventing chance of the skin cancer, and certainly it can. So, after using Melanotan II, body can get stimulated to produce the higher melanin level. Since melanin is a main determinant of the skin color, more melanin you create, darker your skin will potentially become. I am not joking if I say that ghostly pale red person who will generally do not dream of achieving color darker than the bright red will get DARK with the use of Melanotan II. Melanotan II is analyzed thoroughly through clinical trials, and showed that MII can safely promote melanogenesis (process of the melanocytes in body creating more melanin). Like you might have guessed, the fair skinned people generally have the low levels of the melanogenesis.

Since Melanotan II will promote melanogenesis in almost all users, higher melanin levels will be produced that protect hypodermis (layer under your skin) from damaging UV rays. Thus, this process, MII will effectively protect the skin from any kind of exposure damage.

Is It ED Cure Too!?

Melanotan II has shown to have some major aphrodisiac effects. MII showed the dose-dependent effect over erections in the anesthetized rats during the clinical trials. Not just it can increase the erectile quality, period, and amount of erections that you get every day, it will drastically decrease your refractory time, and increase the sexual desire itself. It is arguable that you will not even require Cialis or Viagra anymore if you are on MII, it is that potent.

 Melanotan II – Best Fat Burner

The clinical trials have shown the potent fat burning outcomes from the Melanotan II usage. Whereas many think that MII will help you to lose fat indirectly by the appetite suppression effect, it is disproven in the series of tests that were conducted on rat where they were given same diet and amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat tissue was decreased only in a group of rat being administered MII.